Simple Summer Kimono


Hey guys!!

Today I thought I would share a perfect summer project! A super easy mode, quick kimono :) I've seen a ton of these around lately and I knew I wanted to make one for myself as a spimple layering piece for the summer.  



I started off looking for the perfect fabric. I wanted something that would be lightweight, with good drape and a fun print to jazz up simple outfits. I found this viscose poplin print on BlackBird Fabrics and I knew I had found 'the one'. I've been really crushing on the viscose lately, I find it really nice to work with and extremely comfortable to wear :)  


Once I got my fabric I set out to find a pattern. I didn't really want to have to pay for a new pattern, I figured something as simple as a kimono should be easy to whip up without having a paper pattern. Luckily the lovely ladies at By Hand London had the same thinking and published this blog tutorial for making a kimono without a pattern. Unfortunately the tutorial only provides a single size and does not include how to figure out how to modify it for a different size. I was lucky that the size listed fit me, but I think if you wanted to modify it you could stgot the tutorial from this By Hand London blog post and used the exact measurements minus one inch from the sleeve length. It fits perfectly! It flows and drapes without being overly large on me and 




Octopus Bruyere Shirt (and Biston Shurug!)

So like many people I have a favorite animal, the owl, best classified as "the avian equivalent of cats". They're fluffy and cute while also being fierce, they can fly! and they also have severe RBF (resting bitch face) which I can appreciate as my public transport RBF game is strong.

Unlike many people I have 'categories' of favorite animals based on terrain, so while the owl is my overall favorite, as well as favorite aerial animal, the octopus is my favorite sea animal :) Octopi are pretty awesome to look at, have amazing problem solving skills, can change colour, and are also amazing predators. Don't believe me? watch this informative video, narrated by an impressive Morgan Freeman impersonator (this video is hilarious! seriously go watch it! wait till you see the octopus 'walk').

And thus this tangent brings us to the main feature of today's post: Octopus Bruyere Shirt!


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