Navy Morris Blazer

Sorry for huge delay between blog posts guys but guess what?!!?

I GOT A JOB! Pop the champagne!!

Like a for realsies, allegedly an adult, officially not a student anymore, job! It's been a really LONG first two weeks but it's been great! Of course having to re-adjust to getting up early, packing a lunch, and commuting have made me super tired so it's been hard to get up the motivation to sew or write blog posts (knitting while barely conscious on the couch has been a great comfort though!) but I think I'm starting to get a hang of everything so more regular posts should return soon (I hope!).

So of course the first thing I did when I finished dancing around my apartment after the job offer call came through was to plan out what I wanted to sew to wear to my first day! For me wearing something I hand made myself really gives me a boost of confidence :) it's a constant reminder throughout the day that 'yeah I have skills!' 'yeah I can do some pretty awesome things!' and 'yes I can make anything happen so long as I put my mind to it and get over my fear of failing!'....I realize this all sounds very soppy but you get the idea here. On my very first day of my very first job I wanted to wear something that would take that confidence boost the next level. Enter: the Morris Blazer by Grainline Studios.

looking like an actual adult! (not that I'm actually one but at least I look the part!)

Not to toot my own horn here but I really think this is the best thing I've sewn so far in my sewing career. Everything worked out perfect, it fits exactly the way I wanted it to, the finishes are darn near perfect, and I feel like such an accomplished #BADASS wearing it!


The Morris blazer pattern is super versatile, you can sew it up in a stretch woven or in a knit as I chose to do. This is a navy french terry fabric that I picked up from Dressew literally the day I got the job :D. As usual I had to make some pattern modifications due to shortness, although not as many as usual. I cut a straight size 6 and shortened the torso by 2" so that the hem at the back would hit me just above my hips like on the model. By some miracle I didn't have to shorten the sleeves to get the 'bracelet length' clue how it happened but I'm happy! Luckily for me I had actually tested my modifications previously on a Morris Blazer that I don't actually wear anymore because it did not turn out as awesome as this one! That one was a cheep stretch woven that just didn't handle the way I wanted it to. By making this version in a comfy knit fabric this blazer is going to get a lot of usage, it looks tailored and stylish while being suuuuuppppeeerrr comfy.

#workit #powerwalk

Given how happy I am with the way this turned out it goes without saying I have another one already in the works :) keep your eyes on my instagram for it ;)

Now that I'm getting the hang of things I'm really looking forward to a) actually earning a living b) using my degrees that I've spent for ever and a day getting and c) using the new influx of money to by #allthefabric #allthepatterns #alltheyarns!