Super Totes!!!

Hi guys!

Today I'm sharing my SUPER TOTE by Noodlehead! Dun Dun DUHHHH!!

By the I the only one that says super tote the way the opening theme of the old 'The Mighty Hercules' cartoon sang 'Hercules'? just me? ok fine but it sounds way better my way! Sing with me now! 'SUPER TOTE carrier of all my stuff. SUPER TOTE just one isn't enough. organized on the go, cute fabrics on show, with the strength of ten, recycled reusable bags. It's the mighty SUPER TOTE!'

Super tote is just what the name entails, super! A comfortable bag to slug around town with all of your stuff! Wallet, phone, keys, current knitting project or gym clothes (or both!), a snack, some shopping, traveler mug, water bottle....the list goes on and it all fits in this deceivingly small looking bag :) This is thanks to a clever pleat on the sides of the bag that allow the bottom to be wider than the top and expand out a bit. This allows the bag to tuck nicely under your shoulder while full to the brim.

Like the inside of a watermelon! Although....if I cut open a watermelon and it had this many seeds I probably wouldn't even bother trying to eat it.....

Super tote also has you covered in the organization department! The inside features two elasticated pouch pockets on each side of the bag. The widths of these pockets can be modified depending on your needs, in the above bag the pockets on the left hand side are sewn asymmetrically (instead of evenly down the middle) so I could fit gym clothes and a water bottle on one side. The front of the bag also features a large pocket, to which I've added two small pockets for keys/phone since I like to be able to accesses these things quickly while I'm out and about (see below!).

card pockets for keys and phone! I also added a magnetic snap to this version to help keep the pocket closed

This tote pattern allows for plenty of style choice in terms of fabric selection and sturdyness with interfacing selection. Below are the two versions I've made, on the left a minty, sturdy version I made for a friend and on the right a more compatible, mint and beige number I made for myself. for the minty version I used both craft weight interfacing and underlined with a stiff-ish canvas like material to allow the bag to sit up on its own and to have some structure. For the mint and beige bag I only used craft weight interfacing for stabilization giving the bag a more relaxed and squishy feel (also I've been using this bag for last few months so it's been a bit more 'lived in')

I love both fabric combos here....but that mint bar tack though....<3

While I love how my bag can be squished up and stored away I do like the way the mint bag stands up on its own (also my friend has awesome fabric choice skills, look at the herringbone pattern on the gusset fabric!). Both bags happen to have the same lining fabric as I had a bunch left over from my first bag and it went with both fabric choices. All the fabrics were from Spool of Thread, they have an amazing selection of quirky fabrics (consequently, they also have a lot of my money...)

I love the hidden details in this fabric, like the hidden bunnies and foxes :D

In further bag related news, if you've been following me on Instagram I also recently completed a Stowe Bag from Grainline Studios. It's currently holding my next knitting project and it fits perfectly in the bottom of my Super Tote, a match made in heaven!! I'd like to say I'm all bagged out but I think I have a few more bag projects percolating in my brain ;) stay tuned for more :D

Like these two patterns were made for each other! Neon yellow stripes I hear you say! Coming soon!