How the Ginger Jeans Helped Me Get My Sew-Jo Back

Hey Internet! Long time no blog post......

I know....for a while there I seriously lost my sewing mo-jo....I was still doing crafty things and knitting all the time but work and life just started to get the best of me and I found I wasn't enjoying any of it anymore....and it made me sad :( It's not that I no longer loved doing crafty things I just wasn't getting the joy and satisfaction out of it anymore. So I took a step back, and just allowed myself to chill and remove the 'pressure' I had put on myself to continuously do creative things at every spare moment... When I wanted to sew, I sewed, and when I wanted to knit I knit, and when I wanted to be a vegetable on the couch or go to spin class, or play HOURS of Zelda (breath of the wild what have you done to my life?!) then I just did those things and tried not to be mad at myself for not doing #AllTheThings all the time. And that really, really helped...just letting myself be myself without beating myself up for not doing every single thing on my massive 'I want to do all the things' list. I also started a bullet journla which also really helped because it let me write down all the ideas I have in my head for all the projects I either wanted to start or have started and create realistic goals for when I can get those projects done (I also got to deep dive into bullet journals on Pinterest which is highly satisfying) :)

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