Heeelllloooooo Internet!


Heeeellloooo there internet!

Welcome to my blog : Becca Made That!

I'm super excited (and scared) to join the sewing/knitting/DIY/Maker blog-o-sphere, and after years of hemming (sewing joke!) and hawing about making a blog I'm taking the plunge!

In this blog I'm hoping to share with you both the ups and downs of my creative endeavors, (mainly sewing and knitting but I do dabble in many other DIY things that will probably pop up in a post every now and then!) my completed projects, and a few tutorials.

To find out more about me you can click here to go to my about me page :)

I think that's a pretty good first post! Check back tomorrow for a post the project that got me hooked on sewing my own clothes....the Minoru Jacket by Sewaholic